Smile, It Can Change a Person’s Day

There is so much beauty in a smile, in a person who is willing to be vulnerable and put themselves out there and do their best to encourage others. So This week I want to encourage all of you to make a conscious effort to smile, and talk to someone you don’t know, get to know them. Maybe even get to know the story of someone you struggle to get along with. Often times when I get frustrated with people (mainly customers) it’s because I don’t know there story or the hurt they are experiencing or have experienced. Here are some smiley phones of me from this past week:

Just have fun! 

we both are on the shorter smaller side and thought it would be fun to dress up in Alladen pants and be a two headed Aladeness if you will ;)

Me and Sophia, she is like the little sister I always wanted! :)

Me and Rui, a dog my brother was watching for a weekend!!!

we cracked ourselves up wearing child’s duck slippers. Our laughter and ability to laugh at ourselves gave many onlookers a nice little chuckle ;)

Keep on smiling, loves! I met the coolest guy at Starbucks last night with Jasmine, he’s an author who loves to travel around America, and you know what? The conversation all started with a simple smile and a “Hey how are you?” 


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6 comments on “Smile, It Can Change a Person’s Day

  1. Aww, yay! Glad you met such a cool guy! Smiling is the best! :)

  2. greekmelie says:

    technically speaking, that’s a good idea. practically speaking, I get freaked out when random people smile or talk to me. I just need my time :-) That’s why I never initiate interactions with people I don’t really know. What if they are as people-scared as I am?

    • Tara Savage says:

      Use your judgment obviously everyone won’t want to talk and we have to read the social cues. A simple pleasant smile freaks nobody out, now I’ve been scared of smiles from people in my case mainly men that seem to have bad intentions, but I give a small smile and keep walking (maybe a little faster :P )

  3. Katie says:

    One thing that really works – when you are down, smile to yourself even if you are all alone. Many studies show that this simple action triggers our brain to improve our mood (when we are happy, we smile, and it also works the other way around.) It really works! :)

  4. Yum Yucky says:

    Love it! Keep on smilin’, girlfriend. I’ll be doing the same. weeeee!!!!!

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